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                                                                               This is my slice of heaven. I hope to be able to help you find yours!

Homesteade Helper Land Assessments


Buying property or a home are always a big deal. Moving to a new province and buying property sight unseen for the purposes of homesteading or farming, a really big deal! I want to help you. I have a Permaculture Design Certificate, extensive home gardens and I live in a home that is off-grid and uses solar air and solar hot water. 


You are thinking New Brunswick might be the right place for you, well guess what? We want you here! Our rural communities don’t need more gravel pits, soil mining operations or rural sub-divisions. What we need are people who want to be part of a community and are willing to care for the land that they live on.

Not everyone finds the right fit the first time around and even the best real estate agent is likely not going to understand food forests, soil condition and the best spots to place a garden or pasture animals. Working with me could save you a lot of time, frustration and disappointment.

I’m adding this service to my consulting business, not simply as a way to make money, but as a way to benefit my own community and the province as a whole. I live and breath social permaculture and that is what this is all about.

As long as you are ready to do the best job that you can as a land steward and want to be part of a community, I’m ready to work with you. If the type of land use you specialize in is out of my scope, I will find you someone else who can help. Not everything that might be for sale is listed. If you are having a hard time finding exactly what you want, I can use my network to help you reach out to potential unlisted sellers.


Please be aware that I am not a real estate agent. I am assessing land for the use of homesteads, market gardens and small-scale farming. I am NOT affiliated with any real estate agents or companies and do not get any portion of the commission from a sale. 

At this time, all services offered by me are in English. As time goes on, I hope to hire individuals to help with assessments. If you require service in French, let me know and I will reach out to some of my contacts on the Acadian Peninsula.

My areas of expertise are Southern and Central New Brunswick. 

Community Match and Land Needs Consultation - $200

  1. You fill in our thorough questionnaire on what you are looking for in a home, property, community. This questionnaire is meant not only to help me understand what you want, it should also help you to clarify as well.

  2. I will email you to get clarification on details as needed.

  3. We set up a one-hour phone or Zoom call to work through options so that you can start your search with a real estate agent knowing what it is that you truly want.


Even if you don’t go beyond the initial consultation, you will still be getting a very valuable service. This province is quite varied in climate, language, proximity to services/employment, internet capabilities, etc. Knowing which region to starting looking in can buy you months of search time. Some areas of the province are much better suited for different types of agriculture.


Since I’m not a real estate agent myself, I don’t have a bias towards directing you to any specific areas/ properties. You can get free soil maps and general information from the Department of Agriculture. If you decide to go it on your own and not use my services that is one place to start.

Consultation + Land Assessment - $800 per site plus mileage.

With your initial consultation done, there are three options:

  1. Send me real estate listings that you are interested in and I will contact the agent for a viewing

  2. Let me send you a variety of potential options to narrow down and then I will do the viewing on the site(s) that you short-list

You will get a report with photos and recommendations on each site. I can email you a copy of the assessment criteria if you like.

For additional properties, you will pay $600 each for the land assessment since the initial consultation is already done. Perhaps you have family in New Brunswick or a job offer here and know which community you want to settle in. If that is the case, you could do a much shorter consultation and pay just the $600 for the land assessment. 

Land Assessment Report - $200 (Pertains to select properties only)

If a report has already been done on a piece of land and the client does not wish to make an offer on that property (after the exclusivity period of three weeks), you can buy a copy of the report for $200. 

Consultation + Advanced Land Search

If you have been pouring over real estate sites and just aren’t finding what you need, I will reach out to landowners and community members with appropriate sites to see if they have any interest in selling.

This would be most appropriate for people who have a complex set of needs, for example:

  • to set up a business / Air BNB on-site,

  • to find homes and land that can be made fully wheelchair accessible,

  • to set-up a very diverse or specific farming operation

  • to start an educational/ community site

  • or to start an intentional community

This process takes time and there may be a lot of no answers before you find the yes, so be prepared. The larger your budget, the easier this process will be. I can’t make any guarantees, but I will do the best I can. After all, I do want people to come to New Brunswick; so, there is more at stake than a job here.

If you do want to start an intentional community or educational site, I can help with in-depth planning and land-use consultation as this is an area of special interest for me.  I may be able to link you to appropriate service providers/ community partners.

For this process, I will charge an hourly rate rather than a flat rate. We can discuss more in your consultation.

Consultation + Specialty Services

I have a lot of skills in growing food and land-use planning; however, I don’t pretend to know everything. If you want to have your property assessed by a specialist, I can help you find the right person.

This might be helpful if you need:

  • Woodlot assessments (tree species inventory)

  • Wetland delineation (you can’t build in certain areas or you may require permits)

  • Appropriateness for a commercial operation – vineyard, orchard, fish hatchery, etc.

For referral only, if I can find you the right person in less than 15 minutes, then it’s no charge. If I need to use my network and check references, etc. we can negotiate the price based on the time it takes.

Permaculture Land Design

After you purchase your property if you would like support in setting up your systems, please let me know. I have a team of designers with Permaculture Design Certifications and experience that can help. We can negotiate price based on your needs.

Need something that isn’t listed above?

Let me know what it is that you are looking for and I will see how I can help. I am creative and don’t mind a challenge.

Welcome to New Brunswick! Perhaps we will get to meet in person someday.

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7.9 acres, house, barns, pasture

230 Marshall Hill, Rd., Wards Creek, N.B