12 Permaculture Principles

How my skills and interests fit into permaculture

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  • Low carbon/ carbon negative homes

  • Passive solar

  • Universal design

  • Ageing in place

  • Multi-generational communities

  • Intentional communities

  • Re-thinking affordable housing

  • Water saving

  • Home gardens

  • Off-grid and grid-tied

Food Security

  • Increasing rural populations with young farmers

  • Increasing small-farm, micro-farm and household food production

  • Supporting farmers in marketing and customer relations

  • Increasing access to processing facilities, infrastructure and supplies

  • Improving access to land with creative buying/ leasing options

  • Using perennial food crops

  • Working in a climate change adaptation framework

  • Providing opportunities for networking and education

Community Life

  • Supporting a Guaranteed Basic Income

  • Increasing rural transportation and internet access

  • Elevating quality of life through cooperation and "mutual aid"

  • Collectively managing and protecting natural resources

  • Creating a positive and healthy collective self-image and understanding community goals